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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Welcome to Ice Pro

Ice Pro produces Ice Bars and Ice Drink Luge's for most of the Southeast and ships to all areas both nationally and internationally. We team up with Ice Dragon of New Orleans to offer consistent, competitively priced quality works of ice from Miami to Mississippi. Our sculptors are competition certified and international award winners. We use state of the art technology with years of experienced artistic talent to bring you the best quality at the most reasonable pricing.


This website has been created specifically for Ice Bars and Ice Luges. It contains a variety of our designs and options but is only a small sampling of the products that we have, and continue to create. If you have come across this web site looking for more standard designs in ice, we invite you to visit our full ice galleries at and

We're now Guinness World Record holders! Check out the details at:

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Ice Pro "Where art meets precision"

(941) 776-8166

Our email is

Our mailing address: P.O. Box 714, Parrish, FL 34219

In Orlando, we're at 10577 Rocket Blvd, Orlando, Florida 32824

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  • Bottle Display with Spiral Luge
  • Branding Luge in Color
  • Branding with downloadable app (It-actually-works!)
  • Clamshell Luge
  • Diamond Ring Luge
  • Dolphin Luge TailUp
  • Eiffel Tower Luge
  • Fleur Luge
  • Hand Luge
  • Holiday Logo Luges (1)
  • Holiday Logo Luges (2)
  • Initial Luge
  • Jukebox Luge
  • Martini and Olive Luge
  • Martini Luge
  • Pisa Luge
  • Sloping Luge 2-track
  • Slot Machine Luge
  • Tommy Gun Luge

We serve

Ice Pro ~ primarily serves the Orlando and Tampa Bay-Sarasota areas of Florida. We directly produce and ship ice carvings to Orlando, Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, the Greater Tampa Bay area, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Cocoa Beach, Daytona, Lakeland, and most major areas of Florida excluding the panhandle.

ice dragon ~ serving Southern Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana (New Orleans & Baton Rouge) & the panhandle of Florida (Destin, Pensacola, etc.)

You'll also see us regularly featured and listed on: Ice Carving Secrets at

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John Smith -Other Big Brand

Certifications and Affiliation

Joe Rimer and Dawson List:

NICA Certified Professional Ice Carver
NICA Certified Competition Ice Carver
1st Place International Competition Winners
Past NICA "Board of Directors"
"Guinness World Record" holders

We Accept

We accept most major credit cards including


We get our ice carving tools and equipment from:

We get our ice carving tools and equipment from: